Orega-Supreme Oregano & Thyme

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Orega-Supreme Oregano & Thyme

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Organic Oregano, Thyme & Olive Oil
An expectorant to help relieve coughs and the symptoms of bronchitis.

Itchy, scratchy, razor blades-in-your-throat kind of feeling? You’re going to need some intense support if you want to swallow food any time soon. Oil of oregano is well known as a superior antiviral and antibacterial agent, and it’s become a must-have in the medicine cabinet!

Health First Orega Supreme gel caps take oil of oregano to the next level by adding thyme. While oregano is giving viruses and bacteria the one-two punch, thyme oil is reducing mucous buildup by stimulating the hairs in the bronchial passage to expel it. Coughs, colds and infections are no match for Orega Supreme!